Looking for Happy Hours in Downtown Calgary? We Got Your Back!

Looking for Happy Hours in Downtown Calgary? We Got Your Back!

Hey, party people! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you're ready for a great time filled with food, music, and drinks? If we're guessing right, it's Happy Hours! These magical hours are everyone’s go-to for planning a fantastic party experience. Happy hours not only save big on drinks and food but also let you bring along a huge gang of friends to chill in style without spending a fortune. And you know what’s the coolest thing? When you get to enjoy these happy hours in downtown Calgary’s premier lounge! 

Happy Hours in Calgary: A Lure Lounge Experience 

Lure Lounge stands out among the best nightclubs, hosting weekly happy hours in Calgary that are the talk of the town. With a curated party vibe, a top-tier DJ spinning an awesome playlist, and a lively ambiance that gets you grooving from the moment you step inside, it's an experience like no other. Indulge in finger-licking munchies, sip on the sassiest drinks that light up the vibe, and enjoy exotic hookahs that add to the excitement. Join us for an unforgettable evening at Lure Lounge!

. Happy Hours in Downtown Calgary: Monday to Wednesday  

Who could've thought weekdays could be so fun despite the usual dilemmas? At Lure Lounge, we believe in doing the extraordinary. We ensure your weeks are filled with never-ending joy and everlasting frolic. Our Monday to Wednesday happy hours in Calgary offer everything to set your mood right and help you forget the hustle, even if just for a while. Enjoy a curated menu featuring small plates like Potato Skins, Tempura Green Beans, and Bruschetta, among other delectable options. Get grooving with our range of Highballs and enhance the fun with our regular Shisha flavors that scream relaxation with each puff. Join us for curated happy hours in downtown Calgary and transform your weekdays into something special at Lure Lounge!

. Thursday Night: Happy Hours in Calgary for the Ladies 

Ladies, gather up your coolest outfits because our lounge is hosting an expertly curated happy hour in Calgary just for you and your girlies. As a token of gratitude for all that you do, we present a specially crafted menu featuring delectable dishes from our small plates section. Enjoy specialties like everyone’s favorite peri-peri fries and wedges, perfectly flavored grilled protein skewers, crispy Tempura Green Beans, and more.

With up to 50% off on regular shisha flavors to make it even merrier, a range of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, and an array of tequila, beer buckets, and wine bottles to elevate the party vibe, our happy hours in downtown Calgary is an experience you won’t want to miss. Join us for an unforgettable evening!

. Friday and Saturday: Happy Hours in Calgary!

The real party doesn’t start until Friday and Saturday roll around! There’s something magical about these days that automatically gets you vibing with the weekend and the joy it brings. The pure joy of reuniting after a long week of hard work and responsibilities can't be ignored. Our happy hours in downtown Calgary offer curated experiences designed especially for you and your friends to unwind and relax in style.

Join us for Friday and Saturday happy hours and enjoy a fantastic 10% off on bottle service, ensuring the fun never stops and you keep dancing from dusk to dawn. Plus, take advantage of up to 50% off on shisha flavors, making our happy hours in Calgary truly unforgettable.

 . Come and celebrate the weekend with us!

Happy Hours in Calgary: Sunday Edition  

Sundays are for relaxing and welcoming the new week ahead. Let's not talk about the long week just yet. Instead, listen up! Our Sunday happy hours in Calgary offer a range of exciting deals on a curated menu designed just for you and your friends.

Curious about what we offer? Keep reading! Our Sunday special features a selection of small plates with expertly crafted dishes, a range of imported beers, tequila shots, and up to 50% off on mimosa and sangria pitchers. Plus, enjoy regular shisha flavors at nearly 50% off.

What are you waiting for, amigos? Come and grab these deals at our club, offering specially crafted happy hours in downtown Calgary just for you and your mates. Join us this Sunday and make it unforgettable!

At Lure Lounge, we redefine every moment with joy and pleasure. Our happy hours in Calgary are the perfect setting for unwinding in style and enjoying the days of the week as per your preference. Pick your favorite day and come chill with us, because we define happiness with each hour you spend here. Come and enjoy these happy hours in Calgary, and sip in style. We look forward to creating unforgettable moments with you!