Looking for the Best Place to Sip in Style? We've Got You Covered at the Best Bar on 17th Ave Calgary!

Best Bar on 17th Ave Calgary

A city that never sleeps! That’s Calgary for you. This picturesque city has a wealth of attractions for both visitors and locals alike. From popular places to visit to the vibrant streets filled with the aroma of mouthwatering food, the city has so much more to offer. Talking about the heart of the city, downtown Calgary features a whole selection of fun things to do. Popular for its high-end and budget-friendly restaurants, shopping malls, and lavish bars on 17th Ave Calgary, the city caters to people of all age groups. 

Lure Lounge is among the popular bars on 17th Ave, where sips, puffs, beats, and mouthwatering offerings fuse, creating a vibe that’s sure to last till your next visit!

About Lure Lounge: The Best 17th Ave Bar in Calgary 

Finding a place that sells amazing music, boasts a killer ambiance, has a range of finger-licking food, a selection of lavish beverages, and wild flavors of authentic shisha is difficult! It becomes even more difficult to find all of these at a reasonable price and under one roof! Phew! So much struggle right? What if we tell you that you are in for a treat to the best quality of all these services at the best bar in downtown Calgary

Yes, we are talking big about ourselves but our customers do too! Our lounge and bar in downtown Calgary is popular for offering curated experiences to our guests. When you come to party with us, you’ll feel like not leaving ever! We offer experiences that go way beyond just our services. Read further to explore more about our lounge and bar on 17th Ave Calgary

The Best Pub on 17th Avenue, Calgary: A Lure Lounge Top Tier 

Listen up, party people! What's a celebration without some fancy shmancy drinks? It's a thumbs down, a dry affair! And we don’t want that for any of our guests. Alongside our lit atmosphere, we believe in curating a menu so lavish that you'll want to try everything at least once — well, maybe a couple at a time, for practicality's sake! At our 17th Avenue pub in Calgary, our bar menu is nothing short of exceptional. With more than 130 varieties of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, we pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best to our customers. 

Signature Drinks at Our Lounge and Bar in downtown Calgary: 

Our creative experts are always available to stir up magical offerings for our customers. Our bar menu is nothing short of a list of exciting offerings that you definitely can not and should not miss: 

New and Seasonal 

Just like your closet, our menu stays updated with the latest and trendiest drinks. Explore a wide range of beverages that promise a lavish party of flavors with every sip. Our 17th Ave Bar in Calgary is renowned for handcrafted specialties like the bold Pompeii Spritz, a delightful array of classic margaritas, and a sophisticated collection of sparkling wines to elevate your experience. This is just the beginning—visit our pub on 17th Ave and discover more for yourself!

Single Malts

Yes, we're bringing you your favorites, and yes, we know you love them! Nothing cheers up our guests better than a bottle of their favorite single malt. The smooth and fine texture of these beauties is beyond description, for instance, our prized collection of popular malts such as the 15, 18, and 21-year-olds, makes each sip a moment to behold. The rich flavors of each of our single malts are an invitation to the world of finery. Experience this magic at the only 17th Ave bar in Calgary: Lure Lounge. 

Whiskey/ Bourbon 

Ready to embark on a flavorful and bold journey with our expertly crafted cocktails using the finest blends of whiskey? Our bar in downtown Calgary is renowned for offering a range of unique cocktails, such as the Whiskey Sour, which welcomes you into a world of zesty flavors; the popular Manhattan, featuring a dual bitter-sweet profile; and the well-balanced flavors of the Old Fashioned. Join us for an unforgettable experience at the best bar on 17th Ave Calgary


Who doesn’t love indulging in the unique taste of gin now and then? Gin has a distinctive charm that elevates your spirits and helps you unwind. Our handcrafted cocktails feature renowned gins like Bombay Sapphire and London Dry. Try our favorites such as the Negroni, Risky Sailor, Martini, and other great picks for a night of fun and flavor at our 17th Ave pub in Calgary


Dive into the refreshing flavors of expertly prepared rum cocktails that guarantee all-time fun. Our zesty Mint Mojito will give you a kick of refreshment, energizing you to party harder. Enjoy the Spice of Life, a spiced rum cocktail with a zest of spice and everything nice. Don't miss out on Island Taxi, showcasing the rich flavors of our in-house Bacardi White, blue curaçao, orange juice, lime juice, and cane syrup. Experience the best flavors of cocktails at our 17th Ave pub in Calgary.


For people who love balancing flavor and euphoria, our pub in downtown Calgary offers a wide range of vodka-based drinks. From the trendy cosmopolitan to the Kamikazee and white Russian each sip will let you feel the flavors intensely. Explore a wide range of expertly crafted vodka drinks and unwind in style. Visit Lure Lounge today! The best pub on 17th Avenue Calgary.  


If you aim to party from dusk to dawn, Tequila is the perfect partner in crime! Our lavish drinks like the Classic Margarita, The Devil, and Matador are your go-to companions for any special occasion or celebration. With endless sips and nonstop offerings, the party never stops at our 17th Ave pub in Calgary


Discover sophistication in every sip with our exquisite Cognac offerings: the classic Sidecar, the indulgent Sweet Hennessy, and the adventurous Night Siger. Elevate your celebration in style and groove to the beats of our powerful beats. Savor each sip of our fulfilling drinks at our 17th Ave pub with these refined and memorable choices.


At our lively 17th Ave pub in Calgary, we craft highballs that dance on your taste buds, turning every drink into a celebration of good times and great spirits. So grab a highball, raise your glass, and let the fizz and fun flow!


Indulge in the art of wine at our 17th Ave pub in Calgary. From crisp Chardonnays to robust Cabernets, each bottle tells a tale of terroir and tradition. Savor our curated selection as you unwind with friends or toast to new beginnings. Discover your perfect pour and elevate every moment with us. 

Craft Beer

Welcome to our craft beer haven at our pub on 17th Ave in Calgary, where every pint tells a story of passion and flavor. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, our fun and evergreen selection promises a taste adventure. Join us for a pint and explore the world of craft beer brewed with heart and soul. Cheers to great beer and even better company exclusively at our pub in downtown Calgary. 

Visit the best lounge and bar on 17th Ave Calgary, where every moment is filled with good vibes, happy smiles, and memories that last for a lifetime.